Heartstone Pure Health Consulting

Heilkunst Sequential Homeopathy 

Health and Wellness is your greatest investment. 


Consultations: In person, phone, or Skype

Sequential Treatment

The initial consultation takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. This time is spent reviewing any present concerns whether acute or chronic. We will also review your regimen (diet, hydration, exercise, and sleep). 


Follow up consultation every 8 weeks for up to 45 minutes. We will review any changes or reactions, questions or concerns, since the previous appointment. Advice/recommendations on regimen, and the next step in chronic disease treatment protocol.

Up to 45 Minutes $175.00

Biochemical Nutrition:

Cell Nutrition: Biochemical Medicine is a natural, safe and non-toxic form of medicine that helps promote and maintain proper cell function. The human body has 12 essential minerals, with an additional 15 trace minerals, of which the correct balanced must be obtained to ensure normal cell function and maintenance of health and wellness. Our cells are our foundation.  

Included with Sequential Treatment

Stand Alone

Initial Consultation up to 45 minutes $150.00

Follow-up Consultations: $100.00

Acute Consultations:

Treatment of "one-time" consults for acute conditions, (e.g., cold/flu, strains/sprains, ear infections etc.)

$40.00/15 minutes


The cost of the Homeoprophylaxis program is $355 for the first child (including shipping), and $100 for up to 3 more children.

This includes:

     _Family Membership

– An initial appointment with parents and child (may be over the phone or Skype)

– the remedy kit (which has enough remedy doses for up to 4 children)

– phone and email support for the duration of the program (4 years) for issues directly related to Homeoprophylaxis.

The cost of Homeoprophylaxis for additional infectious diseases is $70.00 for the initial consultation and $20.00 for each remedy.