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What is Homeoprophylaxis

​Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a program that provides a safe gentle and natural immune system response and enhances normal childhood development. It is an alternative to exposing your child to all the preservatives, chemicals, and pathological particles that come with conventional vaccines, along with the risks and potential dangers. HP works by educating your child’s immune system to what the disease looks and acts like, creating a memory of the disease. In contrast to conventional vaccination, HP doesn’t rely on antibody formation, but on changing the susceptibility of the child or adult to the disease. The philosophy behind HP is different from conventional vaccination in that micro-organisms are not in themselves seen as the sole cause of the disease, but rather the interplay between the micro-organisms and the individual susceptibility of the child or adult; : the healthier the patient, the less susceptible he or she is to a disease.

​The Program

A forty-four month program for children, administered by their parents, under the supervision of a qualified homeopath or medical provider

The program provides immune system education and subsequent protection against eight different childhood illnesses based on the highest risk of disease and the child's age.

On a monthly basis, the parents administer tiny sweet tasting pellets which quickly dissolve under the tongue

Children won't have fear of HP as there are no shots,

The HP program is part of a study and parents will be asked to submit a brief questionnaire several times throughout the program.

Homeoprophylaxis for additional infectious diseases are available upon request

How Effective is Homeoprophylaxis?

According to a 15 year study done on 2342 children by Dr. Isaac Golden, homeopathic immunization expert, the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis is 90%. This means that they are just as effective or even more effective than regular vaccines.

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