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Heilkunst Sequential Homeopathy 

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What is Heilkunst

Heilunst, is a German term, "The art of healing, and making whole." Heilkunst is an individualized treatment approach that systematically, and through principled action, works to remove the causative action of disease at the deepest level. There are three domains; regimen, medicine proper, and therapeutic education working together for both curing and healing.

Regimen: Dr. Hahnemann's primary focus prior to homeopathy, consisting of four, "Cardinal Points."

1. Nutrition: We live off the energy fueled by the foods we consume daily. To nourish means to allow for growth, maintenance and repair necessary for the natural healing process, so eating a diet rich in whole nutrient dense foods is paramount.

2. Exercise and movement encourages oxygenation and blood circulation helping with detoxification and elevating mood.

3. Hydration is fundamental to life!!! Every vital organ depends on water for its effective performance.

4. Sleep for full restoration and detoxification, affecting our physical, mental and emotional health.

Medicine Proper: Homeopathy is energy medicine based in the Law of Similars to remove the energetic blockage or impediment. In treating chronic disease conditions, you will be asked to complete a timeline of your life's events. This story of your life is a guide/map for your practitioner to address the various physical, mental and emotional traumas that have occurred over your lifetime. Although the event has passed, (e.g., medication use, dental procedure, surgery, vaccinations, job loss, family move), the energetic imprint remains, resulting in an accumulation of energy blockages, metaphorically tipping the cup over.

Therapeutic Education: Helping us gain a better understanding and knowledge of how our false beliefs leave us stuck in an unhealthy relationship with our environment. What we see, feel and hear affects how we see ourselves in and of this world, referred to as "Ideogenic Disease," our truth.

Disease manifests at various times and stages in our life, and presents differently in all of us. Heilkunst Medicine treats children, adolescents and adults. The common thread is, whether a young child or an adult, disease is a process and there is no "Band-Aid" approach. This is a comprehensive individualized treatment approach based in getting to the root cause, so it is important to understand that it will take desire, patience and commitment while peeling away at the layers.